Connecting digitally
500,000+ chemists across india

Creation of  'Chemist Pulse Digital Club’  An Innovative Approach

Strong Bond & Rapport Developed with Digital Club Members due to

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Frequent interactions & guidance

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Connected for
20+ years

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Creative Digital approach

Chemist Pulse entity: Registered on DLT Platform in
Compliance with TRAI Rules - A Govt. Regulatory body



Innovative Unique Approach
SMS Occupied Home Screen

A novel technology that ensures
Must See & Must Read Message


WhatsApp Broadcast Services Offered

Send Message
Upto 1,500 characters

Send 2 Images
Upto 1 MB each

Send Videos
Upto 1 MB

Send PDF
Upto 2 MB multi-page PDF

Message Broadcast in regional languages is also possible

Unique voice message

Detailed report generated as to how many chemists answered the calls and duration of the call

Pre-recorded voice call message of 30 sec duration is broadcasted

Dedicated phone lines are used - Helps establish unique identity

Voice messages are broadcasted in NATIVE languages - Helps create a personal bond

Broadcast-Recorded Voice Messages in Regional Languages

Chemist Pulse as an entity is registered with leading Bodies

Our expertise, innovative approach and experience
will be to your advantage